I hold a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and two master’s degrees — in statistics and in human genomics and genetics. In my view, it is important to pursue both breadth and depth in knowledge and, consequently, I like learning something new every day (e.g., in the past I spent long time doing wet lab work). Moreover, I am passionate about research, but not exclusively; trying to always be involved in science education and outreach, in line with the “effective altruism” movement.

As of late 2019, I am a newcomer to an interdisciplinary PhD, at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), with co-advisors at the Psychiatric Genetics Group (Javier Costas) and at the Department of Statistics (Wenceslao González). My dissertation will be the continuation of the interdisciplinary work we have been carrying out since July 2016, also with the collaboration of computer scientist David R Penas. The main accolade we have received so far is the grand prize of the 16th “Archimedes” Contest (Ministry of Science of Spain, 2018).

Further information about my past, present and future activities is available on my personal website.

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